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#Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk About School No. 3

Dec 14, 2023 | 6 pm CET | online | group conversation

Let’s Talk About School No. 3

This open conversation format examines institutionalized school education and discusses experiences and methods of teaching critical thinking to kids and teens.

A crucial part of children’s upbringing is shaped in school—a system that tells kids how to behave and what to learn. Institutionalized education still teaches “discipline,” believes in “objective truths,” and emphasizes norms. History books still exclude marginalized perspectives and hide colonial pasts—and presents. Biology courses and Physical Education classes are still far away from breaking gender binaries. Technology and Natural Science are still praised as “neutral” and are seen as problem-solvers.

In this session, we discuss our own schooling and experiences as educators and to ask:

💬 What teaching methods could create a more critical school education for kids?
💬  What teaching environments can be established within and outside of institutionalized education?
💬  How can educators support children in contributing their own interests and questions?

“Let’s Talk” is an open format to exchange working methods, research topics, and issues concerned with working in the field of arts and design, culture, and education. It is meant to connect across disciplines, support one another in professional struggles, and learn from each other’s questions, doubts, concerns, and victories.


This event is possible thanks to a generous grant from the culture department of the Kanton Basel-Stadt.